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Payment: Payment will be invoiced through Clover payment processing system.

1. Validity: The provided quote is valid for a period of 5 Business days from the date of issuance. After this period, Mainly Electrical reserves the right to review and revise the quote accordingly.

2. Scope of work: The quoted document outlines the specific service and materials to be provided by Mainly Electrical for the project mentioned.

3. Pricing and Payment: The quoted prices are exclusive of any applicable taxes or permit fees unless stated otherwise.

Payment terms will be detailed in the quoted document. Mainly Electrical typically requires a 30% deposit upfront, with the remaining balance due progressively through the project.

4. Schedule and delays:  Mainly Electrical will make reasonable efforts to adhere to the proposed project schedule outlined in the quote document.

Any delays caused by unforeseen circumstances, such as weather conditions, changes requested by the client, or issues beyond Mainly Electricals control, may extend the project timeline. Mainly Electrical will promptly inform the client of any significant delays.

Rescheduling and cancellations require a notice to Mainly Electrical 5 days before your scheduled service.

5. Permits and approvals:  Mainly Electrical will obtain any necessary permits, or approvals required for the project unless otherwise specified in the quote document.

6. Warranty and Liability:  Mainly Electrical is not liable for any damages, delays or additional costs resulting from unforeseen circumstances or events beyond its control.

In addition to any additional warranties agreed to by the parties, the contractor warrants that the work will be free from faulty materials; constructed according to the standards of the building code applicable for this location; constructed in a skillful manner and fit for habitation or appropriate use. The warranty rights and remedies set forth in the Maine Uniform Commercial Code apply to this contract.

7. Confidentiality:  Mainly Electrical respects the privacy and confidentiality of its clients. Any personal or sensitive information shared during the quoting process will be handled in accordance with Maine law.

8. Dispute Resolution:

(1) Binding arbitration under the Maine Uniform Arbitration Act, in which the parties agree to accept as final the arbitrator’s decision ( );

(2) Nonbinding arbitration, with the parties free to reject the arbitrator’s decision and to seek a solution through other means, including a lawsuit ( ); or

(3) Mediation, in which the parties negotiate through a neutral mediator in an effort to resolve their differences in advance of filing a lawsuit ( )

9. Change orders: Any alteration or deviation from contractual specifications that results in a revision of the contract price will be executed upon the parties entering into a written change order, or verbal agreement from the owner of property. Verbal agreements will be billed on a time and materials basis ($95/hr/tech), unless specified otherwise, and will be noted with each invoice at the end of each change requested. Invoice in these cases shall be considered the agreed upon change order.

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